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Vegetable-based dishes 

  1. Basila wa roz (peas and rice)
  2. Bamya (okra)
  3. Falafel (taamaya)
  4. Fasolia (beens with rice)
  5. Fiteer (Egyptian-style pizza)
  6. Ful Mudammas (fava beans)
  7. Ful Nabet and Shorbit Ful Nabet (sprouted bean and sprouted bean soup)
  8. Koshary
  9. Lentil soup (brown lentils)
  10. Lentil soup (red lentils)
  11. Ma'ashi kromb (stuffed cabbage)
  12. Mezze (babaganoug, hummous, tahina, taboulah)
  13. Ma'saha (moussaka)
  14. 'Olass wa sal' (qolqass wa salq) - taro root with swiss chard
  15. Shakshuka (eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce)
  16. Du'ah (dukkah) - dry spice mix
  17. Betengam milkhalil (pickled eggplant)

Meat-based dishes


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