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Egypt's enchanting soup from the bird's tongue: Lesan al Asfour

  Let's just start this off right: this is not a meal about an actual bird's tongue. This is simply the easiest and most comforting soup made with orzo pasta, also known as lesan al asfour. It's one of those soups that doesn't require much, but when you put all the elements together, it's essentially a giant bear hug from the inside.  Comfort liquid food When you're feeling sick, you sip on this, and all will be well again. You're feeling cold because it's that time in between seasons, take a bowl of this nourishing soup, and you're guaranteed to have forgotten the cold.  My mother would always make us this soup on the weekends. Our weekends were the stuff of dreams (no sarcasm here). Saturday morning cartoons, followed by an afternoon of chicken boiling with fragrant herbs and spices and, if we were lucky, a small pot of chicken livers stewing on the side. Later in the afternoon, we'd be called down for a snack, and this would be a bowl of soup

It's not falafel if it's got chickpeas!